July’s Athlete Spotlight

Welcome to our Athlete Spotlight! Each month we highlight a dedicated member of our gym so you can get to know them a little better!

July’s Athlete Spotlight is Trevor Young


List your top 5 favorite movies:

Top Gun
The Emperor’s New Groove
Gone in 60 Seconds
Dark Knight Trilogy (it’s like one long movie)
Tommy Boy
Most annoying sound ever?
Most annoying sound ever? Someone dragging their fork across their teeth.  Either that or a Carolina fan telling me that they shouldn’t get punished for cheating because “everyone does it”.  It’s a toss up 🙂

Favorite and least favorite movements in CrossFit?

The overhead squat is probably my favorite.  I like that it taxes your whole body and really forces you to focus on stability.  Least favorite…I’d have to say burpees.  Because burpees suck.

You used to be part of the evening crew, and now you’re part of the early 6:15 AM gang. If you could have your pick and nothing determined your schedule, what would be your ideal workout time?

Around 11pm or midnight.  I’m kind of a night owl, so that would be ideal.  I love my 0615 people though, so they’d have to start coming to the late night class too.  And all my old afternoon people too.  Basically, we’d just have one class at 11:30pm.

How and when did you start at NRCF?

My wife, Leslie, was a member and insisted I would like it, would enjoy the competitive aspect, etc.  I like sports, but I do NOT like to work out.  She wanted me to give it one month, so I agreed on the condition that she’d leave me alone about it after I tried it and didn’t like it.  That was approximately 30 months ago.
There are two things that keep me there…one, the people are fantastic.  I’ve literally not met one person that goes to our gym that I’ve ever seen be a jerk to anyone.  The second is the accountability…yeah the workouts are hard, but you’re not in there by yourself.  We encourage each other, compete with each other and suffer with each other.  And we don’t let each other quit.
Trevor, thank you for being a part of our crazy NRCF crew. You make classes fun and we appreciate how you’re always welcoming to the new folks. And thank you, Leslie, for making Trev give us a shot!

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