North Raleigh CrossFit: 12/23/24


Clean Pulls:
3×3 @ 90% of clean, rest 90 seconds


8 minutes to work the technique in your MU swing. Please watch the video that is linked below.

From P2CrossFit Instagram:

“’Can you help me with my muscle up?’ As a gymnastics coach, this is easily top 5 questions I receive. My answer is usually two part, what do you currently work on, and how’s your swing training? As an advanced movement in CrossFit the muscle up is unfortunately never really trained as one. Meaning most people’s approach to the Mu is more muscle ups, maybe some dips and pull-ups. I’ve rarely if ever encountered anyone who trains their swing. As a gymnast you’d have literally thousands of hours of swing training. Because swinging is a skill. Shown here is taking an athlete back to the foundation. Redeveloping the arch-kick-hollow. In this drill she’s holding a mat to enforce positional rigidity throughout her swing. If she loses it, she’s lost tension, and subsequently valuable momentum arms. Note the lack of arm engagement, change of directions, and hip drive. Eliminate variables, develop foundations.”



6 Muscle Ups (scale 12 CTB)
12 Box Jump Overs
18 KBS (24/16kg)