North Raleigh CrossFit: 05/11/15

Awesome job to all of the NRCF folks who came out to CrossFit Exchange on Saturday!  We had a great time working out with people from other CrossFit gyms in the area.  No competition… just a fun day of workouts and food! If you attended on Saturday sure to leave a friendly note on CrossFit Exchange’s FB page thanking them for their hospitality!

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Day 1 of our Olympic Weightlifting cycle is underway!


1) 15 minutes to work on Snatch technique from hip, knee, and ground. 5 minutes at each position beginning with hip, then knee, then ground.

2) Back Squat
5×5 @ 70%, rest 90 seconds


Double Unders
ABMAT Sit-ups

*Compare conditioning to 12/23/14