North Raleigh CrossFit: 02/27/15

15.1 has been announced!  We will be doing it Saturday during the 9:00am and 10:00am classes.  If you haven’t registered for The Opens you can do so here!

Affiliate: North Raleigh CrossFit
Team: North Raleigh Crossfit


Alternating EMOM for 10:00

Even: 1 Three Position Snatch (floor, hang, high hang)
Begin at 60% of 1RM Snatch and add weight each minute until you can no longer complete the complex. Try to add 10+ lbs. to last week.

Odd: 20 Second Hollow Rocks


3 Rounds:

5o Double Unders
20 Wallballs
15 Burpees

Rest 1 min b/w rounds


2 Rounds:
20 Seated Parter Wallball Side Tosses (2×10 each side)