North Raleigh CrossFit: 01/24/17


EMOM 10:
1 Clean and Jerk @ 80%


6 Min to work with a partner on Pull-ups, and pull-up drills

* 0 Strict Pull-ups, Goal 1 = You and your partner alternate 5-15 seconds of active hang on the bar and 8-10 Ring Rows

* 1+ Strict Pull-up, Goal 5 Strict Pull-up  = You and your partner alternate b/w 2-3 Strict Pull-ups, and 20 seconds ME Kipping Pull-ups

* 5+ Strict Pull-ups = You and your partner alternate b/w working on kipping or butterfly pull-up practice (make them pretty) and 5 negative pull-ups. (Do strict pull-up and lower yourself down all the way to bottom as slow and controlled as possible)


150 Wallballs for time (20/14)
**Compare conditioning to 06/06/16