• CrossFit Level 1 Certified
  • Currently enrolled in MA Biblical Counseling program
  • BS in Aviation
  • High School Basketball
  • High School Baseball

It took me one try to do a muscle up.

Most other things in the gym since then have been a struggle.  Part of me liked that and part of me hated that.  I didn’t like that I wasn’t good at something.  Many things. 

When I first started CrossFit I thought I was in good shape.  It didn’t take long to realize I had no idea what good shape was.  The third workout I ever did was Filthy Fifty.  My second week we did Fight Gone Bad.  I could not comprehend how others were doing the things they were doing.  I only knew how much slower and weaker I was than all of them.  It was all so hard.  I wanted to quit certain workouts because it was too hard.  But I didn’t. 

That’s the part of the struggle that I liked.  I hated not being good at something, but when you truly struggle with something, the journey is generally more satisfying.  The drive and motivation that struggle provides is priceless.  Character is revealed when you struggle.  Progress is made when you struggle.  And then more progress.  And then some more.

My goal as an athlete at North Raleigh CrossFit is to continue progressing.  I want to continue to build upon the foundation I have already laid.  I want to get better.  Not better than someone else, but better than I was yesterday.  And the day before that. 

My goals as a coach at North Raleigh CrossFit are to help others get better and to build a community where strangers become family.  If you’re here you are loved (even if my dry delivery might sometimes suggest otherwise).