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Our August Olympic Lifting Seminar is coming up!  This may be our last Olympic Lifting seminar for a few months, as I think our next one will be more of a training camp that’s focused on lifts, skills, and becoming more efficient in the metcons.  Basically, our goal will be to help you become better aware of how your body moves in space.

Sign up right hur for the Olymmpic Lifting seminar.


1) 12 minutes to establish a 3RM Hang (top of knee) Power Clean.

2) 5×3 Bench Press @ 85%, rest 60-90 sec


12 min AMRAP of:

4o Ring Dip Buy-in (men)
20 Ring Dip Buy-in (women)

Then for the remainder of the 12 min:

ME KBS (24/16kg)