I apologize for not including a picture with today’s post.  I was a little busy exercising for time in MD this past weekend, but I promise, everything will be back to normal Tuesday!  🙂

As I mentioned numerous times last week, this entire week will be our Test Week.  Not only are we going to establish some baseline numbers for our squat and deadlift cycle that begins next week (Monday the 17th), but we will be comparing all of the lifts and workouts that we do this week later on in the Summer as well.

So, bascially what that means is you need to be sure to write down everything you do, including any modifications you may use during your workouts. You should be writing down everything in your journal anyway, but if you haven’t been doing so this is your clue to START NOW.  🙂

Hope you’re all ready because it’s time to work!


Establish a 1RM HBBS.  Rest as much as necessary between lifts.


50 Pull-ups for time

Notes: Pull-ups can be performed strict, kipping, or from a short rope.  However, when we re-test you must use the same method that you used today.


1 Leg/1 Arm Kettlebell RDL – 3 x 6 (ea. leg)