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Thanks to everyone who attended our snatch clinic today!  Sorry you had to leave early and miss the picture, KTP!


Back Squat:
1×6 @ 70%, rest 2 min
1×6 @ 75%, rest 2 min
2×5 @ 80%, rest 2 min

Notes: Warm up and get to your 70% quickly


MU Practice:

3 min swing
3 min hip to rings
3 min transition or MU practice

One of my favorite MU transition videos.  Please watch.


7 Rounds: 
45 sec ME Front Rack Box Step-ups (95/65#)
15 sec rest
45 sec ME Bar Facing Burpees
15 sec rest

NOTES: Back foot needs to drag up the back of the box/back leg remains straight until hips are fully extended. Both feet must leave the ground and land on the ground at same time during bar facing burpees.