Maybe you have already noticed that we put a lot of focus on strength and Olympic Weightlifting at Marvel Strength & Conditioning.  That’s because we believe they are the primary sources of building overall fitness. The stronger you become, and the more you excel in Olympic Weightlifting, the better off you’re going to be at lifting heavy loads in various time domains.  Not convinced?  Read this short blog post from Olympic Weightlifter and CrossFit athlete, Spencer Arnold. If that’s not enough and you’re still searching for answers as to why Olympic Weightlifting is fundamental to what we do, then grab a cup of coffee and dig into Rudy Nielsen’s writeup, “The Importance of Olympic Weightlifting for the Sport of Fitness”.  I am not able to link directly to that post, but don’t worry my strong ones… click here then click on Outlaw Doctrine and you’ll see the post in the drop down menu.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


Every 30 seconds for 4 minutes 1 snatch at @85%

THEN when clock hits 5:00

3:00 to complete 3x ME UB snatches @ 75%

*ME UB are basically touch and go reps.  Score is total # of all 3 sets within 3 min cap.


5 Rounds for total time

Row 200
Rest 1 min
Run 200
Rest 1 min