This starts day #1 of our new Olympic Weightlifting cycle!  This cycle will take us through the middle to end of July.  I’m super excited about this.  Hope you guys are too!


1) Clean Pull
4×5 @ 85% (of clean), rest 60 sec

2) Back Squat
1×8 @ 60%, rest 90 sec
1×6 @ 65%, rest 90 sec
2×6 @ 70%, rest 90 sec

NOTES: Clean Pulls set up like a clean, NOT a deadlift.  These are also not high pulls.  Practice good technique from the ground to the hips.  Be explosive form the hips just like you’re about to pull underneath the bar for a clean.


Every 2 Min for 12 Min

3 Front Squats @ 65% (May go from racks)

NOTES: Just in case the all caps and bold didn’t get your attention, the key word is sprint. 🙂